Champions take responsibility for Six Sigma implementation across the organization in an integrated manner. The Executive Leadership draws them from upper management. Champions also act as mentors to Black Belts. With the right type of risk management consultation services you will be able to use these professionals to improve the inner workings of the business that you run.

These men and women will provide you with the ability to keep each client that you have safe and to prevent them from suffering any type of financial loss. If that loss does occur it is their job to make sure that it is a minimal as possible. While this is not always an easy thing to do they put their all into working out plans and bringing in data that will make it happen.

As champions they will perform a risk management program audit that will look over the insurance policies, exposures, and the other non insurance methods that are being used. They will make the necessary adjustments and modifications for coverages and any gaps that they might find. It is also their job to look for any financial loss that might occur and how to stop it.

Each client that they have will be counseled and given a copy of the insurance contract, lease, and analysis that has been compiled. They will see the changes that are being made and why they are important. They will try to explain it in the best way possible so that everyone knows what is going on.