Concerns of Six Sigma

The biggest concerns about six sigma that you will hear about or read online are centered around opinions. The biggest concern is getting a company that doesn’t have a CEO or individual in charge of the company like Jack Welch when he was at GE. The other concern is that six simga is to harsh toward new endeavors, thus small companies have a hard time utilizing the program.

One concern is that so many people can get a six sigma certification how do they know whose certification to trust. All of these questions and concerns are valid however they are just like anything else in life. It’s mostly learned by go through the fire. This is not saying that you should just throw a dart and wherever it lands on go with – but there has to be someone or a bosy of somebodies analyzing and review information prior to making a decision.

There are also some people who are worried about the type of techniques and languages that are often used and associated with the Six Sigma. More often than not people are confused and worried by the titles like Black Belt and Green Belt. These are common enough in Risk Management as a way to identify the level the person has.

What critics need to understand is that titles like this should not be a problem as long as the methods that they use are working. As long as they are able to help the projects come to fruition and to save the company money than there should be no problems.