Green Belt Certification

Green Belts are the employees who take up Six Sigma implementation along with their other job responsibilities, operating under the guidance of Black Belts. During this program of study it is the idea to use the methodology into the Six Sigma training and to know how to implement it into each project that you have.

This form of Lean management helps to reduce the amount of waste reduction by using the tools of process improvement. It focuses more on immediate improvements without having to use a wide range of tools.


There are a number of universities and online schools that will offer the Green Belt certification classes that you will need in order to succeed. These classes will help you to pursue a business chance that will meet the specific goals of every company that you intend to work for. The business tools and ideals that you learn will be able to be used for any type of business operation.


  • With a Green Belt certification you will have specific duties and responsibilities that you will be in charge of in a company. Most companies will want you to be in charge of the assessment, creation, reporting, implementation, management, and control of the project you are assigned to.
  • You must be able to document and manage the core process flows and create a system analysis of the various data collection plans that you come up with.
  • It is essential that you have the knowledge needed to manage various activities within the set parameters of each project.
  • Create a network of experts in the business unit and provide training and support to local personnel when introducing new strategies and tools.