Six Sigma Certification

Before we get started on explaining the six sigma certification, you need to understand that there are many different ways and levels in which you can be certified.

Online Certification

You can go through a number of different organizations or even colleges to be certified online. You might be asking yorself where can I get a six sigma online certification? If you are looking into a online cert understand that this is the harder way to go about it. Just like anything online it is primarily up to you to make time for the lessons and pursuing the cerification. The main advantage is you can obtain your certification from the comfort ofyour own home or office.

College Certification

Another way of obtaining your six sigma certification is that you can go though a local college. This is a option for the person who perfers the classroom and interaction with a teacher/trainer. There are numerous colleges that offer this type of certification and at multiple levels. The main advantage of this approach is that most of the work is out of your hands and the level of responsibility falls on the trainer when it comes to your understanding.