Six Sigma Online Certification

This page is simple and straight forward. It will tell you three place online in which you can get a six sigma online certification. Six Sigma Online courses are an independent, textbook-based structure. Generally speaking, you read the required sections and are tested for proficiency. There are some additional training resources available in our course, however these materials are not required reading for the exams or your certification. They are simply meant to promote a more thorough learning experience.

This site offers all levels of certification including six sigma lean & DFSS. Cost for going through will run you 400 dollars just for books. That is 100 dollars per level. The overall cost of the program starts at 295 dollars and goes all the way up to 1200 dollars.

This site offers two levels of six sigma certification (Green and Black). This may seem like just the basics however the price for the levels of certification are very reasonable. A green belt certification is $99.99. A black belt certification is $199.99. This is just the one year certification.

This is another all encompassing training program. They offer all levels as well as online support and material updates. The cost starts at $99 and goes up to $1495. You get total access to the full site and all the online resources they offer.